Monday, April 23, 2012

ITECH Fair (Extra Credit)

On Thursday April 19, I attended the ITECH fair that was held here on campus at UNI.  It was one of the coolest fairs that I have been to, and all of the entries and their creators were really a special group of students.  The first project that I looked at was a website for video gamers.  The three young students that I talked to had created this site so that anyone looking for a game to play, or interested in a game they have already heard of can visit this site and learn about it.  It has information about the game, ratings, and parental ratings.  Overall, this was a cool site and I wish I would have had access to it back in my gamer days!

The next project that I looked at was a building design that would be built in a vacant lot.  In this town, there is no place for adolescents to hang out or really have fun, so the two girls in this group were proposing to build a recreational center that would include everything a teenager would want.  It would have study rooms, athletic courts, a dance room, video game rooms, a cafe for food and beverages, and much much more.  This was a very good idea and it would solve their problem in my opinion.  I just wish that my home town would have had one of these rec centers.  But I'm not sure how much time I would spend studying....

The last project that I looked at was pure technology.  This young man used a computer chip called Arduino.  It is a small computer that can be used for reading censors.  It can connect you to the internet, drive prototype vehicles, and much more.  It was used in his presentation as a Red Blue Green color mixer, which I found to be pretty neat.  This project was very cool and this technology could be used for almost anything. 

I had a lot of fun at the ITECH fair this year and I'm convinced that I should go back again next year.  I had a blast!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Motivational Poster

Today's lesson was very inspirational and very heart warming.  It was centered around tragedies that children should never have to go through, and parents of children should never have to experience, but the fact of the matter is: it does happen.  However, everyone can make a difference.

As Team Workin' On It explained, even a few words can make a difference in a struggling child's life.  Words of encouragement, motivation, etc., can help them through whatever they are facing, whether it be a devastating disease or not.  This was really an eye opening lesson for me because I have never had to deal with this kind of situation up close in any way, so to think about ways to help others going through something as severe as cancer really made me think outside the box.

Making the poster using Glogster was a great idea and really fun.  It lets us play around with new technology and at the same time, it lets us help others by giving them a poster for encouragement and to help them through their hard times.  Sometimes just a few words can make all the difference in the world, and that is what we all are striving for in making these posters.  If you would like to take a look at my poster, just click here!  

On the heavier side of things, sometimes bad things do happen to people that don't deserve it.  One of the things that often happens is you become closer as a family or friend and focus on the good times.  However, as a "homework" assignment for everyone, do this no matter what.  Tell your parents you love them, tell your friends what they mean to you, and like the man in this video says, live simply so others can simply live.  Time is short.  Live like every day is your last.