Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Second Life: From Wondering to Wandering

Recently, I took a tour of Second Life and learned about all the cool stuff you could do and man: was it neat.  There are literally endless things that you can do on here, it really is a second life.  One of my favorite things is being able to buy gifts and packages.  I like this because it really symbolizes a community where you exchange things back and forth.  Another cool feature is the camera.  It acts like a real camera where you an zoom in and out and capture anything you want to.

I titled this post "from wondering to wandering" because that is exactly what I did.  At the start, I was curious, I was wondering what was out there and who I could connect to.  But now that I have a little bit better feel of Second Life, now I am on to wandering around and just checking out everything that I come into contact with.  So far I have managed to wander the streets and come into contact with zero people, but that had not deterred me!  I know I will find civilization soon enough.

With the wandering, it may seem pointless, but from an educational standpoint it is very beneficial.  This teaches students to more or less 'get out there' and explore.  Exploration is one of the key principles in learning (in my opinion), and if this teaches students to get out there and explore a new world, then they may be less hesitant about exploring the world in which they live their first life.

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  1. Interesting post.
    Your photo is pretty dark. Remember that you can change the time of day using the World menu.
    Go to World > Sun > Midday.