Friday, November 16, 2012

Second Life: It's Tour-ific!

One of the cool features of second life is that you can create tours and have people visit sites that you pre-determine.  By placing all of the sites that you want someone to visit on a notecard, you can have them use the notecard to get to every place that you have picked out for them.  It is a really cool tool.  In my previous blog, I talked about the space tour I went on and how beneficial it would be for students to take these tours to learn new information. 

After creating my own tour, I realized that it is not as hard as it seems to create your own.  You could easily create a tour for your students to have them work through in the classroom or at home.  For my tour, I did a fun and games sports tour that incorporated everything from mazes to winter towns to cars and trucks.  Below is a list of my tour sites that would be similar to the notecard that I created.  Take a peek at some of the places and enjoy!

1.  Chamonix City - This is a cozy little town all about winter games.  You can ice skate or play hockey in this town, or just explore what it has to offer.  Chamonix is derived from the French, so you could look into that as well!

2.  Maze/Horse Track - Want a challenge?  Try out this maze.  This is more than just a maze however.  You must find certain objects on your way through, and then find your way out.  Very challenging but very rewarding.  Be careful though, no horseplay.  :)

3.  Celestial Game Tower - This place is very interesting and has some fun for everyone.  This is exactly as it sounds, a game tower.  There are many levels of fun throughout and you are sure to find something for yourself.  Enjoy!

4.  Prim Hearts - One of my favorite places on the tour, this amusement park will surely keep you busy.  There are many fun rides and interesting little shops throughout the theme park, and if you wanted to you could end up spending an entire day here. 

5.  Naturum Island Resort - This place is all about nature.  You can go on a nature trek, sit around a campfire, go fishing, and many other fun outdoor games and activities.  If you like the outdoors, visit this landmark!  And if you don't, still check it out.  :)

6.  Sports gym - any boxers out there?  This sports gym is all about boxing.  Go ahead and put the gloves on and have yourself a good time. 

7.  Off the Wall - This is a fun place with many anime games.  You are never really sure what you are going to find, so the best thing to do is to explore for yourself!  And if you get bored, try a 'board' game.

8.  Cars Region - Like cars and trucks?  Then drive on over to this place and have a look around!  Many interesting things to do with cars and trucks that will keep you busy for some time!  Just make sure to wear your seat belt.

9.  Battle Arena Combat Zone - Check out this free combat zone - tron legacy grid.  Something different to add variety to the tour.  What's a tour without making a SciFi stop?  Have fun and be careful gamers.

10.  Waseda Sea - I hope you brought your water wings for this tour!  You will start under the ocean where you can explore the marine life, or you can fly out and hit the land for some fun.  This place will drown you with information.  Enjoy!

I hope that you enjoy(ed) some of the sites on my tour!  Come back any time and visit!


  1. Adam,

    I liked how you incorporated a variety of sites in your tour card. It is a good idea to provide a variety of interests into one. I am looking forward to visiting your sites.

  2. Great set of site, Adam. Interesting list of sites. Have you visited all of them? I found only a blank beach when I went to the sports gym.
    I loved the Cars Region.