Thursday, November 15, 2012

Second Life: A Little Too Spacey for Me

For my second life tour, I took a trip into space!  It was really cool to see all of the galaxies and at the beginning of the tour, it really feels as if you are floating in space.  A few of the galaxies were 'under construction' but I was able to see quite a bit.  I have to tell you, I stuck out just a little bit.  There is no reason for someone named FarmerAdam to be in space, but it was so much fun that I might have to change my name to AstronautAdam.  We'll see. 

After being in this virtual world for just a few minutes, I could already see the potential benefits for students in any classroom.  This is an excellent way to learn information and take a learning tour as opposed to just lecturing at students. 

 Taken from Second Life

So far, this has been my favorite piece of technology that could help students learn because it is so interactive.  If you were to make worlds like these for your students to explore for any discipline, I have no doubt that they would learn more than if they were just engaged in lecture (and that is hoping you can get your students engaged in your lecture).

My favorite place that I visited was the Nasa island.  For starters, it was just cool to fly around the island like a bird, but there was some really great educational stuff as well.  Students would absolutely love to be learning like this, and I think that it is essential that we start incorporating things like second life into the curriculum. 

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  1. Good points, Adam. Did you get the Nasa goodie bag. It has an official 50th year NASA coffee cup. Ask Ian about it.