Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Collaboration: A Tool in Itself

When you think collaboration tools, do you think about computers?  Facebook?  Anything related to Google?  Those can all be excellent collaboration tools, yes, but so can a piece of paper.  Collaboration tools are basically anything that can help solve a task within a group.  But let's not take a trip down memory lane to the stone age; we'll stick with good ol' technology!

There are numerous collaboration tools today, such as using Googledocs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  These may seem like social media, but they are great for communication as well as sharing information and documents.  Have to work apart from your group on a project?  Send them a document through Facebook, or a link through Twitter.  The possibilities are endless.  The possibilities may be cut short, however, if not used correctly.  Such as a piece of paper, if you decide to fold it into an airplane and throw it across the room at the girl you dislike, well that isn't the best use of a collaborative tool.  But, if you are classmates make one document through the use of Googledocs while in separate locations, then you are using technology wisely.  So next time when doing a group project, fear not that you can't meet with members of your group.  Just jump on Facebook, stay away from farmville, and start chatting about your project!

One last thing, collaboration tools are great, but without using them to COLLABORATE, then they are next to useless.  The best tool that you have at your disposal is collaboration itself.  Working with a group and gauging each other's ideas, that is what will decide whether something is a success or a failure.  Collaboration is the key.

If I haven't convinced you about collaboration tools yet, check this out!  It is all about collaboration tools and why we should use them.  It even includes Facebook!  Among other things, it shares the benefits of collaboration tools.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introduction Presentation

For my presentation, I used a foam board with pictures on it that relate to me.  Then I had students in the audience use tacks to attach a statement that they thought went with its corresponding picture.  This was what made the decision on what I would talk about.  I would talk about whatever picture they tacked a statement to next, and continued in that manner until I was finished and my board was full.  I decided to do it this way because it involved the audience and held their attention more, as they were part of the act. 

I really liked these presentations because I immediately learned about my classmates, and it was a nice, easy oral speaking assignment.  Also, there was the option of using many forms of technology (which I chose not to use) in the presentation.  I think that every class should begin with presentations like this, not just technology classes.  This is a great way to use technology, gain public speaking skills, and learn about your classmates.  Sounds like a perfect start to the class to me!

If you would like to take a look at my presentation..  just click here!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Expectations for CCA

My expectations for this class are very high because I have not had many technology courses.  I am interested and excited to dive into a world that I have little experience and I can't wait to learn all that I can.  The biggest expectation that I have is exposure.  I am hoping that I will be exposed to anything and everything possible that the internet and other technologies have to offer.  I expect to come away from this class with a better understand of what is out there for technology, how to use it, and how it can or can't be used in a classroom setting.  Also, I expect to get myself out there for others to see (not what it sounds like :) ).  What I mean is, I would like to become more involved in blogs (such as this one) and other sites as well that connect me to other people. 

Finally, the normal things for every classroom, I expect to be respected by everyone in my environment, and to have my materials respected as well.  This is very important, and I plan to follow it myself.

I am excited for this semester to take off!

Tune in next week,